Hand made hat by Diane Harty, Frisco Colorado

Fine Sewn Hats

hand made hats by Diane Harty, Frisco,Colorado

I am a one person studio, specializing in hats constructed on an antique straw machine.  Most of my hats are created from strands of braid 5 to 12 mm wide.   This requires a specialized, antique chain-stitch sewing machine.

I am also do a smaller line of winter hats out of pieces of wool or fur felt sewn together (raw edges out),and just messing around with different materials.

My pieces range from the basic sun or cap style hat to abstract or representational  sculptural cocktail hats. I approach each hat as I sculpture as I do not use any blocks or forms to create the shape as I stitch.  This gives each hat a uniqueness and vitality.

Here is a video shot by my husband – showing my working in the studio along with some stills of the shop.    He played the music also.   His website is on my links page.


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